There was a king in england. Hes name was king Henry VIII. He was a cruel and evil man. He made england from chatolic to protestant! He was married six times. As i sad he was cruel and evil. He even had 1 of his six wifes executed. His first wife Chaterine of Aragon had a daughter. The daughters name was Mary. 37 years later Mary become Queen of england. It was important to her to make england from protestant to chatolic again. Mary was also pretty evil she had 300 protestant leaders burnt at a the stake. After that pepole started to call her Bloody Mary. In 1554 Mary married a man called prince Philip of spain. pepole in england didn’t like this because the tough spain was their enemy. In 1558 4 years later Philip,s dad Charlie died Philip left Mary and moved back to spain. Some cuple of months later she died of cancer only 42 years old. After her shes half sister Elizabeth become queen after her.

There is a man that murdered a woman. The womens name was Mary ann Nicholas she lived in East end of London. Mary ann was a prostitute . Mary ann was killed August 31st 1888 . When the police was called by a man walking out doors the police couldent now who the killer was. It was hard to find the killer. They didn’t find him. In East end of London it was very poor. It was many protituters in East end of London. But what nobody thougt was that 3 more women was going to be killed. And soon they were calling the killer Jack the ripper. When Jack killed a women he cutted her throat of and then he was sending parts of the women to the news papper. When the last women was killed the police man said ” This is more loke a work of the devil than of a man” Now about 100 years later nobody now who he was. The work of Jack the ripper was horrible and VERY bad.

About eminem.

Eminem is a very famous man. He has be doing over 5 songs! But he has been in court because of keeping weapons at home. he has taking drug tests and stuff like that. By the way did you now that eminem had a daughter in name of Hailie? And that eminem had doing a movie about himself? The movie is partly about himself . Eminem had a very tuogh childhood he was bullied in school of other pupils. did you now that he left school when he was 16 yearsold? he was getting enough of getting bullied thats why. By the way Do you now that eminems first band was in name of Marshall Matters? And that he has maked a movie in name of 8 mile? When Eminem was going to singing and rapping he had hard to become known because he was white. But then a well know rapper Dr.dre come to Eminem and helped him to record and get lyrics to his rapping songs.  

Hi! we are Akam from Eastkurdistan and Max from Sweden. Akams favourite animal is chinchilla. Max favourite animal is donkey. What animals lives in Australia? Elk is an typical swedish animal and we don’t have much  snakes. We have just 2 sort of snakes viper and copper snake. What snakes do you have in Austrailia? Our snakes is´nt dangerous. Are your snakes dangerous?

lexia alg

Round pets

We like cats!!! They are rowdy. They are little and big .They are crazy.They can be indoorscats and outdoors cats!!! They eat fish,mouses,birds and cat food.

By: Emelie and Sandra

Right now its´a nice winterbreak in swedish schools called sportlov. See you later!

 Hi the world! We are from Sweden! And it is sport break here until week eight. It is +4°C but I think it is -1°C because it’s cold for me. It is going to be fun in the sport break because I’m going to fly to France and my friend is going to Germany. In the break we play lots of football but if it is raining we are in the class room and play with the computer or we draw a picture like a car.  

On sportbreak some people travel to different countries around the world. The others play football and many other sports. All students are free from school in week 7. We like breaks alot.

Some of us go to a youth recration center after school and others go home. Some of us play little football before they go home. Some of us listen to Abba,Carola,Hammerfall,Herreys , Sebastian, Darin, Marie and Agnes. On the tv we look att: At the trackHipp hipp and other programs on the TV.

About us!

Welcome to this blogg!

You gonna read about us in Sweden. We are 39 students and we are from 8 diffrent countries. Almost all of us is going to be eleven years this year. In the break we play fotball and have very fun. and others of our class room playing somthing in the woods after school. Our school is in Sweden on the west coast in a town called Steungsund.

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