About eminem.

Eminem is a very famous man. He has be doing over 5 songs! But he has been in court because of keeping weapons at home. he has taking drug tests and stuff like that. By the way did you now that eminem had a daughter in name of Hailie? And that eminem had doing a movie about himself? The movie is partly about himself . Eminem had a very tuogh childhood he was bullied in school of other pupils. did you now that he left school when he was 16 yearsold? he was getting enough of getting bullied thats why. By the way Do you now that eminems first band was in name of Marshall Matters? And that he has maked a movie in name of 8 mile? When Eminem was going to singing and rapping he had hard to become known because he was white. But then a well know rapper Dr.dre come to Eminem and helped him to record and get lyrics to his rapping songs.  

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    What at great text about Eminen! Do you have any favoritesong by Eminen? Tell me about it! Excellent job Akam!


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