About Jack the ripper

There is a man that murdered a woman. The womens name was Mary ann Nicholas she lived in East end of London. Mary ann was a prostitute . Mary ann was killed August 31st 1888 . When the police was called by a man walking out doors the police couldent now who the killer was. It was hard to find the killer. They didn’t find him. In East end of London it was very poor. It was many protituters in East end of London. But what nobody thougt was that 3 more women was going to be killed. And soon they were calling the killer Jack the ripper. When Jack killed a women he cutted her throat of and then he was sending parts of the women to the news papper. When the last women was killed the police man said ” This is more loke a work of the devil than of a man” Now about 100 years later nobody now who he was. The work of Jack the ripper was horrible and VERY bad.


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