About queen Mary I ”Bloody Mary”

There was a king in england. Hes name was king Henry VIII. He was a cruel and evil man. He made england from chatolic to protestant! He was married six times. As i sad he was cruel and evil. He even had 1 of his six wifes executed. His first wife Chaterine of Aragon had a daughter. The daughters name was Mary. 37 years later Mary become Queen of england. It was important to her to make england from protestant to chatolic again. Mary was also pretty evil she had 300 protestant leaders burnt at a the stake. After that pepole started to call her Bloody Mary. In 1554 Mary married a man called prince Philip of spain. pepole in england didn’t like this because the tough spain was their enemy. In 1558 4 years later Philip,s dad Charlie died Philip left Mary and moved back to spain. Some cuple of months later she died of cancer only 42 years old. After her shes half sister Elizabeth become queen after her.


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