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Hi! we are Akam from Eastkurdistan and Max from Sweden. Akams favourite animal is chinchilla. Max favourite animal is donkey. What animals lives in Australia? Elk is an typical swedish animal and we don’t have much  snakes. We have just 2 sort of snakes viper and copper snake. What snakes do you have in Austrailia? Our snakes is´nt dangerous. Are your snakes dangerous?

lexia alg

Right now its´a nice winterbreak in swedish schools called sportlov. See you later!

On sportbreak some people travel to different countries around the world. The others play football and many other sports. All students are free from school in week 7. We like breaks alot.

Some of us go to a youth recration center after school and others go home. Some of us play little football before they go home. Some of us listen to Abba,Carola,Hammerfall,Herreys , Sebastian, Darin, Marie and Agnes. On the tv we look att: At the trackHipp hipp and other programs on the TV.

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